Yellowstone’s Battery and Solar Powered Ranger Station

June 12th, 2015 Yellow Stone Safari

Park rangers are an important part of protecting and preserving any national park, especially at Yellowstone. In recent years, rangers have become specialized, holding titles from scientist to maintenance, from firefighter to law enforcement. Regardless of duties, it is their job to keep the park safe for tourists, wildlife, and those animals who call Yellowstone home. The conservation of Yellowstone happens through many resources, and now includes the use of solar panels and 208 old Camry hybrid batteries, as pointed out in this article.


But how can old car batteries power Yellowstone’s National Park Lamar Buffalo field campus? Michael Graham Richard answers, “Even after a long time inside a hybrid vehicle, these batteries can still hold a charge quite well -so rather than directly recycle the batteries, sometimes the best use for them is to move them to a different system where it doesn’t matter too much if they can only hold 80% of their original charge.”


This is exactly what Yellowstone is doing. By rewiring the batteries before placement, they are able to use them for power in 5 buildings to ensure power during cloudy days. This is just one more step to keep Yellowstone ecofriendly and help rangers protect and preserve the natural landscape of the park.

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