Yellowstone National Park Is Breaking Records This Summer

July 24th, 2015 Yellow Stone Safari

Yellowstone National Park is of course an American institution, a fixture in your mind whenever you think of the American Dream or the drive of the average American to do great and beautiful things. Yellowstone National Park (and the National Parks in general) is perhaps the last living reminder we have of what attracted the Europeans to settle in this great green land. You can feel the energy when you step inside Yellowstone, the geysers going crazy inside your bodies – and you recognize that where you are standing is perhaps the most beautiful place you will ever step on, ever see, ever breathe, ever remember…


That being said, the park has always been a hotbed of tourist and vacation activity, but this year has been something out of this world; it seems that people are crawling out of the woodwork to see the beauty that is Yellowstone. Yellowstone visitation in June set a record. There will probably be more people in the park this year than ever before. There may be as many as four million visitors in Yellowstone this year, and even more in 2016. What is up with the large hike in visitation?


In this NBC Right Now article, Traci Weaver, Yellowstone Public Affairs Officer, said, “The economy is bouncing back a little bit. Gas prices aren’t too bad, but it could also be the National Park Foundation, launching the ‘Find Your Park’ campaign in April.”


‘Find Your Park’ is an effort to reintroduce the average American to Yellowstone and has been, just as Weaver says, extremely popular and effective.


While the shattering of visitation records is certainly a move in the right direction, some officials are worried that Yellowstone does not have enough resources to deal with the crowds. However, if you ask us, that is a good problem to have. Anyway, the officials at Yellowstone always make it work.


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