Yellowstone National Park Geothermal Activity

July 15th, 2014 Yellow Stone Safari

Yellowstone National Park is much more than just a natural setting where visitors can enjoy some outdoor recreation. Thanks to the incredible amount of geothermal activity going under just under the ground within the park, the terrain holds a treasure trove of information for scientists as well.


Those interested in learning more about Yellowstone’s ecology and natural history may benefit from the range of conferences on scientific topics that happens in and around the park. For example, this October will see the next installment of the Biennial Scientific Conference, according to this article published by The Casper Star-Tribune.


This conference has occurred at the park at regular intervals since it was first established in 1991. The event, which takes place from October 6 to October 8 of this year, focuses on making others aware of the scientific research and work being completed in and around Yellowstone. There’s also a great deal of discussion, which follows about applying the scientific lessons learned at Yellowstone in other areas of our world.


This year’s edition will see a number of renowned academics speaking at Mammoth Hot Springs. Featured speakers include fire ecologist and University of Wisconsin professor Monica Turner as well as conservationist Craig Groves, from The Nature Conservatory. The ecosystem conference will focus this year on topics involving jurisdictional and environmental boundaries and the challenges and opportunities posed by either.


Yellowstone is a place that can work out many of the human’s body muscles, even the mind. Many choose to visit this pristine patch of nature to get closer to nature and find themselves leaving the park with a much greater understanding of the need to conserve nature.


Here at Yellowstone Safari Co., we know that the wide scope of activities going on within the national park makes it a perfect vacation destination for almost anyone. When you want to explore wild nature up close, call us to schedule your visit.

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