Yellowstone Kids ‘N’ Snow weekend

January 23rd, 2013 Yellow Stone Safari

One goal of Yellowstone Safari Co. is to instill knowledge about and love of conservation in our children.  It is a rewarding, and oftentimes difficult, endeavor.  It sounds cliché, but our little ones are indeed the future.  The environment as well as the National Parks depends on their attitudes.


We must do all that we can to show them how fun and essential the natural world is or, as novelist Barbara Kingsolver puts it, “The land still provides our genesis, however we might like to forget that our food comes from dank, muddy earth, that the oxygen in our lungs was recently inside a leaf, and that every newspaper or book we may pick up […] is made from the hearts of trees that died for the sake of our imagined lives.”


How do we teach our children to cherish the world around them, the same way Kingsolver does?  You can take them to Yellowstone!  You will have the perfect opportunity in the first week of February.  On Feb. 2-3, the park will be celebrating Kids ‘N’ Snow weekend.  The exciting event will dazzle the little ones.  Activities include free ice-fishing, sled dog rides, hikes with rangers, classes about the park’s wildlife, and much more!


The event is a great opportunity to bond with your son or daughter in a healthy and ecofriendly way, and hopefully help jumpstart those feelings of cherishment in their hearts.


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