In this mercury life, Yellowstone is your antidepressant

January 10th, 2013 Yellow Stone Safari

Yellowstone is your antidepressantAlthough the world is a beautiful place, man does not treat it that way.  If anything, man has moved inward, retreated from nature and the outside world.  Now he is lost in the unstable recesses of his mind.  As a result, many of us are afflicted with depression and emptiness.


However, there are times when you break away from yourself – stepping out, perhaps, into that early morning air and feeling the earth sweep into your lungs like an inhaler blast.  Your eyes scan the sky above.  The stars are still out.  How stubborn, you think to yourself.  They look like jellyfish, reaching out to you with bioluminescent arms.  The sun is creeping into your periphery.  It reminds you of a monarch butterfly and you feel at ease.


We can easily recall those moments in our lives in which nature was our antidepressant – if but for a moment.  Yellowstone, you could say, is the most effective antidepressant – all natural and able to assist in battling any ill feelings and debilitating desires.  Why then do we continue to punish nature and the environment?


Just today, the U.N. Environment Program has released a report that says mercury pollution in the top layer of oceans has doubled in the past century.  That is a large and unsettling increase, but it is to be expected: emissions for developing countries have been steadily rising.  This has to stop.


Achim Steiner, a leader of the Environment Program, describes the situation as “a major global, regional and national challenge in terms of threats to human health and the environment.” If not dealt with immediately, the situation will only worsen.  Not only is our health at risk, but the environment’s as well.  For more information, check out the article from Huffington Post.


We again need to reach out to nature, to crawl out from ourselves, and start helping.  Like mercury pollution, depression has been steadily on the rise.  We should kill two birds with one stone and limit our emissions.  Our depressions may soon follow.


*Image courtesy of Anna Langova

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