The Winter Wonderland of Yellowstone

January 8th, 2013 Yellow Stone Safari

Is a cold, snowy getaway just what you are looking for this winter? Instead of booking the same old weekend vacation, try something new, like a winter safari. Yellowstone Safari Co, located in Bozeman, Montana offers wildlife tours during the winter months. An educational and extraordinary adventure for all ages, do not stay holed up in your home all winter. Not only is it boring, it is also not good for the mind or the soul. Free yourself and breathe in the fresh winter air. A winter safari is sure to be a transformative experience.



Winter Wonderland in Yellowstone


Picture this: snowshoeing through the deep snow and magnificent forests of Yellowstone National Park witnessing big time animals, including moose, elk, bison, wolves, and coyotes. Such sights will surely live on in your memories and heart and if you have children, all the better.


Foster an appreciation for the outdoors in your son and daughter by taking them on a winter safari. Study animal prints in the snow. It is like a piece of fine art. It is a wildlife adventure. Your son or daughter’s imagination will run wild, just like the animals, all while learning about the importance of wildlife conservation.


Although I may be biased, it does not get much better than this.


Wintertime is a special time of year. Up here in the winter wonderland of Yellowstone, the bears and squirrels are hibernating for the winter, most birds have migrated south, leaving behind the animals that welcome the frosty, subzero temperatures. Taking in the wildlife, a winter safari is the perfect winter activity.


Contact Yellowstone Safari Co to book a half-day or a 2-day wildlife adventure you will never forget!



*Image courtesy of Yellowstone National Park Service

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