The Sounds of Yellowstone

August 12th, 2015 Yellow Stone Safari

When you listen to Yellowstone National Park, what do you hear? Is it a rousing song? A gentle voice? What kind of musical genre would it be? It’s an interesting question to ask, as every National Park has its own soundtrack. The Cape Cod National Seashore will be different sounding than the Glacier Bay National Park.


It’s important to open your ears to the world around you, whether the birds in your backyard in the morning or the sounds of distant sirens or scurrying rats at night. Sometimes the best music in the world is when a DJ mixes together the outside noises with the orchestras chiming away between your ears. In that respect, the sounds of Yellowstone Safari Co. is different for everyone who visits, but one thing remains true is that whatever sounds they are, they are beautiful. Thankfully the sounds of Yellowstone National Park will be captured and recorded for future generations, as per this article from the National Parks Traveler.


The NPT Staff writes, “Yellowstone National Park is partnering with the Montana State University Library’s Acoustic Atlas – an archive of natural sounds from the West. The park will contribute to the Acoustic Atlas’ growing collection by gathering high-fidelity recordings of the species and soundscapes of Yellowstone. The project aims to further document the acoustic structure of the area, to capture a sense of time and place, and to help provide insights on biological and geothermal activity in the ecosystem.”


While the program will focus much on Yellowstone’s biological and geothermal rhythms, the Montana State University Library is also concerned with the interactions between park visitors and the park itself – meaning how we listen and our thoughts are also part of the soundtrack, if that makes sense. The Acoustic Atlas believes Yellowstone to be an orchestra performing a complicated symphony; there’s a lot going on and it’s almost impossible to pick up everything an explosion of ecosystem musicality! Every ecosystem has a voice.



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