The Mythical Place of Winter Yellowstone

October 8th, 2014 Yellow Stone Safari

Christmas in Yellowstone is often not something many people get to experience. And not for the lack of the park being open during that time, because it does stay open in certain places but most people just don’t think about going there when the snow has blanketed the land. It’s an unfortunate thing too, since Yellowstone Park in the winter is a completely different world than Yellowstone any other time of the year.


During the winter season, you can’t access Yellowstone by normal means through cars; instead you are more likely to end up taking snowmobiles around the area, as they are built to move through the snow without it having to be cleared ahead of time. So you often park at the border to the park and drive in through snow transport. And while there are a few places that remain open the most common one people stay at during this winter season is a snow lodge near Firestone River and Old Faithful that is only open for the winter season, since the normal lodge is closed off.


You can enjoy the ride to the lodge though, by often seeing herds of different animals along the way, such as brown elk in dark contrast to the white everywhere. As you arrive at the lodge though you start to notice the real beauty and power of coming to Yellowstone during the winter, there’s not as many people. You might have a total of a few hundred at most during this time and that makes the lodge and the rest of the scenery rather intimate and personal. It also is what adds to the magical quality of the winter land. There are less people around which means you could walk out and look over the woods and see herds of animals and snow and snowflakes falling and it just is truly a magical place.


So it may seem counter-intuitive, but visiting Yellowstone when the snow has fallen can actually be one of the best ways to see the park in all the natural glory it possesses. It’s an experience you’ll never forget, whether you get a tour of it during the winter or not. It’s certainly an experience that everyone should feel and see at least once in their lives. Especially if you are visiting near the geyser basin, then you get to see many animals that stay around there because of the warmth.  


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