The Earthquake-Sensing Abilities of Yellowstone Animals?

April 8th, 2014 Yellow Stone Safari

Many of the thousands of tourists who enter the wilderness of Yellowstone National Park do so because of the awesome power contained just below the surface of this entire region. The unique geology of this area is barely hiding a massive force that is as terrifying as it is compelling.


Many of our readers will be familiar with reports of a supervolcano existing just below the surface of Yellowstone and powering many of its major natural features, such as the erupting cone geyser known as Old Faithful. It’s true, a major volcanic caldera, the official name for a supervolcano, does exist throughout the Yellowstone grounds. Geologic records of the volcano’s last eruption 700,000 years ago are fairly sparse, but it can be assumed that it was massive and devastating.


Recently, videos spread virally throughout the Internet have been whipping up massive fears over the possibility of a coming eruption in Yellowstone. Although this would certainly be a very destructive event, park and federal officials have been hard at work debunking a myth that evidence shows is largely untrue.


As this article published on reports, the kind of bison migrations away from Yellowstone in early March are consistent with the migratory activity of this animal. Although a recent video made much of the earthquake-sensing abilities of animals like the bison, U.S. Geological Survey records show that research into this seemingly extrasensory perception cannot prove any consistency among these kinds of reports.


Many point to the urgency and speed of the bison in the video as other possible proof that an event could be occurring. But as park officials have maintained, bison can run at very quick speeds, and in fact healthy bison should be doing that anyways. Just because a speeding bison was caught on camera doesn’t mean that an emergency event is impending. Official statistics on the possibility of a volcanic event occurring at Yellowstone is so small as to be insignificant.


When you know the lay of the land as well as we do here at Yellowstone Safari Co., you can traverse the beautiful wilderness of this area with confidence. We will guide you safely through the many breathtaking sights of this park and help you experience a wonder that you won’t soon forget.

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