Retrace Lewis and Clark’s Treks Some Two Centuries Later

April 11th, 2016 Yellow Stone Safari

Lewis and ClarkIt was the spring of 1805 when Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and the Corps of Discovery went on their long journey in search of a water route to the Pacific Ocean. This was a momentous endeavor that is still highly celebrated in schools around the country, and now, more than two centuries later, you have a chance to be part of it!


Sign up for an epic Lewis & Clark Safari with Yellowstone Safari and join an epic adventure as you retrace Lewis and Clark’s trek of 201 years ago and see what they did as they made their way through Montana. Here are some of the great features included in these enchanting safari tours.


See the World as Lewis & Clark Did


During these amazing safaris, you will be able to travel along, following the same steps as the famed explorers. Even though the world has changed dramatically in the last 200 years, many of the sights and wonders you’ll see look much like they did way back then! While you’re making your journey, you will also learn about all the trials, tribulations and adventures Lewis & Clark went though, including their encounters with Indians, mountain men and the exotic Montana wildlife, as well as the native plants and wildflowers that they encountered!


Enjoy Your Journey by Land and Sea


The Lewis & Clark experience is loaded with lots of fun trails and hiking opportunities, but in addition to your adventures by foot, you and your party will have the chance to stop in many of the historical hotels and towns that the explorers visited at and learn about all the history there. Once you hit the water, there are many packages that offer the option of hopping in a canoe while cruising down some of the majestic rivers along their historic route. The amazing sights along the Missouri and Jefferson rivers are breathtaking in their own right.


Tons of Awesome Sights Along the Way


In addition to the wildlife, hotels and trails, you will also get to stop at some great attractions and natural wonders along the way. You’ll also travel to the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center, which includes an engaging museum and walking trails. You can also see the ancient buffalo jump, where the famous slaughter of herds of buffalo took place. It’s a heartbreaking, yet important part of history that is sure to enthrall.


There is much to see during a Lewis and Clark Safari – truly a once in a lifetime adventure! To learn more or to schedule an expedition of your own, call us today at 406-586-1155.


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