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February 3rd, 2016 Yellow Stone Safari
Listening to the Radio

In this blog post from August, we discussed the sounds of Yellowstone, prompting the reader with the following questions, “When you listen to Yellowstone National Park, what do you hear? Is it a rousing song? A gentle voice? What kind of musical genre would it be?”


These questions were inspired by the then announced partnership between Yellowstone National Park and the Montana State University Library’s Acoustic Atlas, which is an archive of natural sounds from the Western United States. Six months later, the partnership is really picking up, and some exciting sounds have been recorded that captures the essence and spirit of Yellowstone. More importantly though is that the recordings can now be accessed via your computer, tablet, smartphone and more.


According to the National Parks Traveler, “The growing audio collection aims to create new ways to experience the animals, landscapes, and people of the area, by offering a freely accessible online archive of natural sounds, interviews, and radio stories focused on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.”


This is a worthwhile project as it is democratic in nature, giving people from all walks of life access to the orchestras of Yellowstone, the radio stations that are au natural, playlists that begin in the dirt and break through rocks and slink into our soul like a happiness-producing burglar. It is the kind of boom box that we at Yellowstone Safari Co. hold outside your window like John Cusack in Say Anything. It will lift you up, we guarantee it, so be sure to check out the Acoustic Atlas.


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