Herd Population in Yellowstone

August 20th, 2014 Yellow Stone Safari

When going to Yellowstone, the first things you always hear about are things like the geysers or the beautiful scenery. You just don’t often hear about the herds of animals in Yellowstone. After all, it is a National Park, which includes there being many different species of animal in Yellowstone that need to be preserved.


One of those belongs to the genus of bison, which had been largely hunted to the point of four species of bison being extinct and only two species surviving. One of those species is overseas in Europe, while the other is the North American bison, and one of the biggest herds we know of for them today stays in the plains of Yellowstone.


That herd of bison was just recently measured again to determine what kind of population they have, and their numbers have been increasing over the years, up almost to the peak number they had been over a decade ago. They attribute much of these improved numbers to the number of calves that have been born over the past two years, reaching around 750 bison calves born in a single year between the two herds that roam Yellowstone.


Seeing these steady and improving numbers of a species that had nearly been hunted to extinction back in the Manifest Destiny days just goes to show how much these National Parks actually serve the animal population.


Of course, bison are not the only kind of animal found in Yellowstone, which is why we offer an entire safari to see just what this natural wonder has to offer in the way of animals. But bison certainly are a unique one to find in Yellowstone, as you actually won’t find a bigger animal in North America, on land.


Source: http://www.nationalparkstraveler.com/2014/08/nearly-5000-bison-estimated-be-yellowstone-national-park-herds25509


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