Free Entrance to Yellowstone on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 21st, 2013 Yellow Stone Safari

Did you know that Yellowstone, in addition to all of the national parks, has free admission on Martin Luther King Jr. Day?  Even more surprising, this is just one of the days throughout the year where you can get into Yellowstone for free.  This year, the country will be celebrating National Parks Week during April 22-26.  This is the perfect time to make a trip to Yellowstone since it offers five days in a row of free admission!


After National Parks Week, you will have to wait until the anniversary of the National Parks Service on August 25 for the next day of free admission.  To round out the year, you can get in for free on September 28 in honor of National Public Lands day.   Finally, Yellowstone has free admission during the weekend of November 9-11 to celebrate Veteran’s Day.


Free admission days are great opportunities for you and your family, especially your children.  Instill in them a love of nature and an appreciation for conservation!  Their eyes will be as big as the sky when they look upon the grandeur of Yellowstone.   This is the kind of sight that leaves permanent memories in a child’s heart and mind, so take advantage of the free admission!


Keep these dates in mind when you are planning your next trip to Yellowstone!


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