Explore Yellowstone with Llamas

When most people plan to explore an area like Yellowstone, they either do it on foot or by horse. Well, we here at Yellowstone Safari Company also offer Llama Treks that will take you on a trip unlike anything you’ve ever done before. Yellowstone Llamas, the very first licensed llama outfitting company in Yellowstone National […]

Region Mourns the Loss of Scarface, Yellowstone’s Grizzly

By now, you’ve may heard the sad news that the well-known grizzly Scarface is dead. For us here, it hasn’t quite sunk in yet. Arguably  the best-known and most-recognized of the more than 700 grizzlies in Yellowstone, Scarface’s was found fatally shot back in November in Gardiner, Montana, just north of the park’s lands. The […]

Listen to Yellowstone for Free

Listening to the Radio

In this blog post from August, we discussed the sounds of Yellowstone, prompting the reader with the following questions, “When you listen to Yellowstone National Park, what do you hear? Is it a rousing song? A gentle voice? What kind of musical genre would it be?”   These questions were inspired by the then announced […]

Visiting Yellowstone National Park during the Holiday Season

Yellowstone National Park

The holiday season is upon us and that means your stress level is erratic, breaking the brain barometer as you think about all the gatherings you have to go to and the shopping you have to do. It is tough to find a moment to relax, when you can gather your thoughts and really reflect […]

Reasons to Visit Yellowstone in Winter

Snow in Yellowstone

With winter just around the corner, you may be thinking you’ve missed out on your chance to visit Yellowstone National Park this year. Fortunately, we’re happy to tell you that there is still plenty to do in Yellowstone once the temperature drops and snow hits the ground. In fact, there are plenty of unique activities […]

Yellowstone Gearing up for Centennial

Bison of Montana

September has been a busy month for Yellowstone National Park. This is following on the heels of what has been arguably one of the most successful tourist seasons in recent memory, as discussed in this Wyoming Public Radio article. Caroline Ballard writes, “More than 3 million visitors were in the Park by the end of […]

The Sounds of Yellowstone


When you listen to Yellowstone National Park, what do you hear? Is it a rousing song? A gentle voice? What kind of musical genre would it be? It’s an interesting question to ask, as every National Park has its own soundtrack. The Cape Cod National Seashore will be different sounding than the Glacier Bay National […]

Yellowstone National Park Is Breaking Records This Summer


Yellowstone National Park is of course an American institution, a fixture in your mind whenever you think of the American Dream or the drive of the average American to do great and beautiful things. Yellowstone National Park (and the National Parks in general) is perhaps the last living reminder we have of what attracted the […]

Yellowstone’s Battery and Solar Powered Ranger Station


Park rangers are an important part of protecting and preserving any national park, especially at Yellowstone. In recent years, rangers have become specialized, holding titles from scientist to maintenance, from firefighter to law enforcement. Regardless of duties, it is their job to keep the park safe for tourists, wildlife, and those animals who call Yellowstone […]

Magma Discovered in Yellowstone National Park


When you hear the word magma you may think of an active volcano, but it turns out that someplace a little more tranquil is home to a great deal of it. Recently, two chambers of magma were discovered beneath Yellowstone National Park. While the park is known for being a volcanic hotspot, there was no […]