Adventuring in Yellowstone National Park

March 25th, 2014 Yellow Stone Safari

Finally decided to take that adventure to and around Yellowstone National Park? Preparing to leave and packing can be daunting on a trip like this, because you never know quite what to expect! Here are some things to remember in the week before you leave.


Many travelers will print out a packing checklist and completely forget to assure that all stays well on the home front. Make things easier on yourself and find someone to feed/play with your pet, check on the house, water the plants, hold on to a copy of your insurance policy/itinerary, while you’re away. Stopping mail delivery and turning down your heat and unplugging appliances before you leave are essentials as well.


When loading up the car or packing up a suitcase there are a few items that just shouldn’t be left behind. You won’t need a lot of clothes, especially not fancy threads, for this trip, but layering is a good idea. Pack clothes that you can easily shed and access on your trek – the days can be hot, but the nights cool down considerably. A hat is essential both to prevent sun exposure and to keep your head warm at night. Sneakers and hiking boots can be stored in a laundry bag and don’t forget unscented soap. Rain gear can’t be forgotten along with Deet bug spray, sunblock, sunglasses, and a first aid kit.


A large cooler, Camelbaks, duct tape, flashlights/headlamps, matches/candles in Ziploc bags, hand wipes, and re-usable camp bowls and utensils are other essentials. No matter where your adventures take you – duct tape can almost always be the answer.


After you’re packed and ready to go, give Yellowstone Safari Company a call to customize your adventure. Answer the call of the wild!



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